Supporting My Work


Do you like what you've read on this site, or do you like the open source code that I have written? Do you want to see more of it? You can sponsor my work over on my Patreon page, and get updates to my work there.


The point of this subscription is mostly to support my work, and thus I try not to spend too much time coming up with elaborate rewards that will take time to implement.

That said, patrons receive access to a private development log which I try to put out weekly, as well as recognition in my SponCom database. As such, here is the output of sponcom hiscores as of 2024-03-13; special thanks to my highest-scoring1 patrons.

Special Thanks To

  1. Sergio Bost
  2. Matt Campbell
  3. Jason Walker
  4. Thomas Ballinger
  5. Moshez


If you'd prefer to send a quick one-off “thanks” rather than a longer term subscription, I also have a Ko-Fi for that.

Future Plans

I do intend to set up other mechanisms of support to make it more convenient for folks who don't like those platforms; in particular, I intend to set up a Github Sponsors page at some point.

Do you want to support my work, but you would prefer a different option for how? Please feel free to let me know!

Thanks for visiting, and thanks especially if you are supporting my work.

  1. Let me nerd out for a moment here about the mechanism involved because leaderboard design is fun to talk about. When someone is added to SponCom, they get a number of chances equal to their sponsorship level (as of this writing, 5 chances for $5 patrons, 1 chance for $1 patrons). Each time I do something that generates “gratitude”, such as authoring a commit message to a qualifying repository, I pick a patron that has chances remaining, deduct a chance, and thank them. When all patrons are out of chances, I re-fill everyone's chances to their sponsorship level again. A commit gets up to 3 sponsors. This leaderboard is currently generated from the total count of all-time gratitude entries generated.