Thursday October 09, 2003
Wow, it's been a long day.

This has definitely been my best coding day on Divmod yet this month. Into the wee hours of the morning, Allen and I tore through the rest of the tasks which I had estimated it would take the rest of the release to complete.

We also had a fun discussion about the successor to, CARCOSA (backronymed to "Concurrent, Atomic, Reliable Object Storage Architecture"). When we can refactor Quotient's store into a bit more general of a structure, and also take advantage of what must be a significant speed boost in using fixed-length rather than variable records in bsddb, we should be able to implement everything that we had hoped for in and possibly more.

We're probably going to need to add a twisted.python.schema module, which should be shared between Formless, CARCOSA and PB. While CARCOSA is dealing about storage and Formless/PB is dealing with interactivity, you should be able to express type constraints the same way.

An object which implements a TypedInterface and also specifies __schema__ itself will be able to be published on the web, transactionally stored in a database, and also published over a custom, interactive protocol, all with no additional work besides what the average Java programmer has to endure when defining a class. Plus, you can develop your objects unencumbered by the schema and only nail them down once you've developed an understanding of their requirements through experimentation.