Return Plans

Saturday November 29, 2003
The funeral was today. I'm going back to Cambridge tomorrow.

Thank you so much to everyone who has offered to help Ying and her family in some way. There isn't much to be done now. However, her mother is still moving to New Jersey later this year. I would like to organize a small crowd of people and cars in the NY metropolitan area to help move their stuff, probably sometime after march.

This week my plan is to get my apartment in order. I will unpack some boxes, build some furniture, pay all my bills and tidy up. Then I'm back to NY for a day (or less) to drop off some clothing for Ying for the rest of her stay here. Once back in MA I plan to work for a few weeks, and then return to pick up Ying in early January. After a brief "vacation" to get her settled in (and to wash off some of the darker stains that the previous month has left on our respective souls), life should return to something like "normal".

Normal never sounded so good.