Friday January 02, 2004
(As you may have noticed, my LiveJournal subscription lapsed and now I don't have access to the page layout that I used to use. Sorry, but this will have to do for now.)

I'm back in the apartment in Cambridge, with . I'm very happy about that despite the following:

  • Orochimaru, my primary linux machine, is now toast. It was crashing sporadically before I left, and now it turned itself off while I was away and it won't even power on, let alone POST. I need to find a good bare-bones linuxable x86 setup on the cheap, very soon. (With an AGP slot.)

  • The toilet which flooded when I was in NY flooded again.

  • We have more laundry than we can do in about a week in our tiny washing machine.

  • There is no food, and there are dishes to be done in the sink.

Luckily there are things to be done about almost all of these things. I'll be shopping for a new linux machine tonight, and if I don't find anything quickly I'll probably order online - for the moment my Mac laptop will be my primary machine. The toilet didn't flood the basement again, just a small area in the bathroom. We're going to be taking some laundry to the cleaner's today to have our first massive batch done professionally, folded and all.

So, still one minor catastrophe after another, but things are starting to settle down. I hope to be catching up on work this weekend.