Saturday January 03, 2004
Since so many of you were asking, this is why I had to buy ski goggles today.

In keeping with the at-least-one-catastrophe-per-day theme of the last month, today had a pretty severe allergic reaction to what appeared to be a feather stuck to her eyeball. I couldn't make stuff like this up if I tried.

Since she was having a series of reactions from cleaning up some of the stuff that's been lying around here collecting dust for months, we decided that she should probably have some kind of eye protection. At first, we thought a scuba mask, but we have no plans to go scuba diving any time in the next millennium. However, sometime around the heat-death of the sun we may make some time to go skiing in the nuclear winter. So, ski goggles it was.

In better news, the apartment is getting a lot cleaner. Ying cleared out a lot of the major stuff which I am too much of a wimp to throw out myself, put it in bags, and had me drag it outside. After that I stacked up several of the DVDs and CDs littering the floor, and now there is a spot almost big enough to twirl my arms around on the floor of the living room.

Also I managed to get a surprising amount of work done / bugs fixed this morning. One of the bugs which I was nervous about was not so bad. There are still waaaaay too many "I can't reproduce this under the debugger" or "it only happens sometimes" bugs for my taste, though, especially for a program which only uses threads in one very small segment of the code (which, thus far, has suffered from no such bugs).