one system after another

Sunday January 04, 2004
I just moved my office out into the common area in the apartment. Now ying and I can work at the same time without constantly bumping into each other every time we turn our respective chairs.

Of course, nothing is allowed to go well right now, so my KVM switch broke in a completely inscruitable way as soon as I was finished moving things. Also, the cheapo network card I bought because the nvnet driver would have been a hassle turned out to be an 8139D rather than a normal, working, 8139C. This despite no external difference on the packaging since the last card that bought. She was nice enough to lend me her network card for the interim, so I am now posting this from the newly-reborn "kazekage". (For those of you following along in the book: the last machine's name was "orochimaru".)

Luckily the new, optimized network setup works just fine: I took out my old 10/100 switch so that I can transfer files between machines again at full speed. When we get tandem ('s desktop machine) hooked up to the network again, we should be able to effortlessly send anime episodes to each other.

Tomorrow I will try to pick up a new KVM, since VoIP is on windows, pairing tools are on MacOS, and development is painfully slow on everything but linux. Hopefully with the additional purchase (exchange, really) of the network card for 's machine, that will be the end of technology-related disasters for the moment.

Generally things are going great though. The apartment is really starting to be livable. There was actually enough room in the living room for me to move my workspace in there, which is saying