Tuesday April 13, 2004
Today, woke up again to the sound of Ying's ring-tone. The chinese family situation is a constant adventure to deal with. I'm still trying to decide whether I'm glad that I can't speak cantonese so that I can just avoid involvement right now.

We printed the memorial service photo at Kinkos, dropped off Mrs. Li's last tax forms at the post office, went to the cemetery to prepare the niche for her ashes, and brought clothes to dress the body to the funeral home.

Thanks to everyone for your concern, we appreciate it. Ying is doing as well as could be hoped for in the circumstances, I think, although I'm sure she'll need a little while to collapse after the ceremonies are all completed and the inheritance paperwork has been started.

Thanks also for the recommendations for lawyers. We've narrowed the list down a bit, but if anyone else has a Rockland-area estate lawyer that they'd recommend highly we'd like to hear about it.

And, for those of you asking after me, I'm holding together too. I will be calling some old friends (you probably know who you are) to rant and vent and maybe cry a little in a few days, but other than that I don't think there's much to be done. Just trying to figure out how to get on with life.