Calcitrating Various Objects in the Traditional Manner

Saturday June 12, 2004
Recently I purchased a keyboard like the one I had when I was but a wee tyke. It can't be a coincidence that shortly afterwards, I found a descendant of the first programming language I wrote actual code in.

Although I can't find a complete history, Runtime Revolution appears to be a direct derivative of SuperCard. I was amazed to find the XTalk language community still limping along; even moreso that SC itself is still being actively developed! I guess proprietary development environments can still survive a harsh economic winter sometimes.

Does anyone still have a copy of ... dare I say it ... "Elemental Knowledge" on some ancient media that we could dust off and update for the new millennium? (How about New Zork City? I think I have a floppy disk here with something on it, but I doubt that it's physically survived, and I don't have a drive that can read it handy.)