A Note of Thanks

Saturday July 31, 2004
I forgot to mention, in my OSCon wrap-up entry, the defining moment of the conference for me.

I gave a very, very brief lightning talk just to sing Python's praises as a stable platform for building services on top of. I figured I should say something, since I am sure that at least a few people expected me to. I didn't know many of the people in the conference though, so when I stood up I was surprised at the response:

I stood up in front of the audience and said "Hi, I'm glyph, and I wrote a package called Twisted..." and at this point in my speech I was interrupted by applause from nearly half the room. Best of all, I looked at the faces of the people applauding and I couldn't recognize almost any of them. Thanks to everyone who clapped - you've encouraged me to spend some more time maintaining it.

But do write me some email and tell me how you're using it, would you? :)