OSCON: Day 1

Wednesday July 28, 2004
I saw Tim O'Reilly's keynote speech. He mentioned a bunch of things that were similar to Divmod's goals: smart address book, data portability, etc.

I saw r0ml's keynote speech. It was brilliant.

That was the last of the sessions I attended though, the rest of the day was all talking to people.

I met with Jeff Waugh of No Name Yet, and discussed some opportunities for collaboration between his company and mine. No concrete plans yet, but we're clearly companies with aligned philosophies, and not really any product overlap, so I think it's likely we'll do something. He also introduced me to Havoc Pennington of Red Hat.

I embarrassed myself by introducing myself to Yosh and a few other Gimp folks, thinking he was someone else, and casually mentioning that I'd been banned from #gimp a few times (by Yosh). All was well, though, and I got to pitch Divmod a little bit.

IronPython was released today. I missed the announcement but did get to thank Jim Hugunin, which appeared to frighten him.

Finally I met with as planned, and I had a hamburger. Then we added ezmlm mailing list filtering to Quotient (I believe). That's service for you: if Divmod doesn't do what you need, a developer will come to your home town and sit down with you and write it right there. :-)

Now I am getting ready to go to sleep. See you tomorrow.