OSCON: Day 2

Thursday July 29, 2004
Today I met with lots of interesting people again. Personalities from the Chandler project, O'Reilly, Linux Journal, Ximian, the Perl community, the Parrot project and various other industries and companies. I hope to spend some more time with them tomorrow.

I attended two sessions today: the Python lightning talks, and Dan Sugalski's "parrot in the real world" talk. He's really doing some interesting legacy-system support with it: something that open source folks frequently don't address very well.

I find myself in the enviable position of people I respect knowing of my personal achievements, my company, and my father. While less useful technically than PyCon, this conference has been a lot of fun so far.

I'm looking forward to the last day. I have some pictures, which I hope to post tomorrow.