The Price of Silence

Sunday July 04, 2004
Well, I went to the mall to price some noise-cancelling headphones. WOW. Those are some absurdly expensive little toys. I still think I want some, but it's going to require a little more careful consideration.

The ideal headset for me would be around-the-ear, collapsable, USB, linux- and mac-compatible (e.g. a standard USB audio device, not some crazy third-party thing that requires drivers), with active noise cancelling earpieces, a noise cancelling microphone, and of course standard features like in-line volume control and a microphone mute switch that doesn't produce a deafening bang when used. (I did have a headset which did that.) It should also cost one dollar and be bullet-proof.

Obviously I'm willing to make some compromises, since I can't even find the union of "noise cancelling earpieces" and "microphone". Any suggestions?