This Coming Week at Divmod

Sunday July 04, 2004
I'll start posting these to the community blog in the future, but since more people read this one right now, I'll put it here. Since to some extent our process is public, and I get a lot of questions, I feel like I should mention what I'll be focusing on in the coming week. I hope that those of you looking into the fishbowl find this interesting ;-).

This week I am endeavoring to get out of the process business. Over the last month or two, I've been drawing up schedules for the team, trying to get us (and myself) organized. While I seem to be able to imagine the process quite well, I'm not organized enough to pull it off, and my coding has been slipping behind while I'm doing this. So, I'm turning as much of it as I can over to Mark, our new "marketing" guy. While this is slightly out-of-scope for someone doing general marketing, it should give him the necessary insight into how the product works to describe it clearly to our audience.

So, that's what I won't be working on. What I will be working on is our scalability solution, so that we can start adding hardware when we get more customers. While simple in principle, I've been banging my head against it, with Allen's help, for several weeks now. I think I will be able to finish it up this week, if everything goes well.

Whether everything usually goes well or not is left as an exercise for the reader.