in bed on time

Thursday September 09, 2004
I think it's been a good week for me, and by extension, for the company.

It has been a rare occurrence in my life to be working regular hours, sleeping at the appropriate time, eating some number of square meals in a day that is greater than one and getting to sleep at a reasonable hour. Normally, working happens in fits and starts for me, and I struggle painfully, waiting for inspiration to strike. As I've been hammering myself into a routine and trying hard to eliminate distractions, though, I find that my day has a certain natural rhythm.

Over the past few days, I have noticed a serious improvement emerging in my habits. When 1pm rolls around, I am already thinking about what I'm going to be coding. If I have a design problem, I start mulling it over automatically as lunch approaches. I have also started a more regular schedule for consuming caffiene, which seems to be helping me cope with A.D.D. Today, I found a sushi place with really cheap lunch specials, and of course the focus-friendly properties of raw fish are nice to have at reasonable rates.

What does this have to do for the company? Well, I feel like I'm making some serious progress on our most serious impediment to open signup right now, which is really exciting. This is an invisible barrier which has haunted me almost since my ill-fated experience with E.K. (my first software startup project, when I was 14). Never got to see an actual box to put that software in. Never got Divunal to an open beta, into the hands of actual players. Never got any game at Ninjaneering off the ground to the point where real customers were playing it. Finally, with real customers actually testing the software, I'm getting ready to cross a finish line both personally and for Divmod.

I suppose the eating and sleeping stuff sounds pretty mundane in comparison to the eve of such an achievement, but for me, they're the same thing. I don't know how to put it, if you haven't had a few hundred sleepless nights and groggy afternoons yourself. It's a welcome and long-overdue change for me, though, and I imagine there are a few readers out there hoping for the same sort of transformation; I hope it sticks.

I'm going to have to stop with this blog entry now, because it's late, and I'm tired. I'm going to sleep.