10k of RSS in 1M of Screenshots

Wednesday February 09, 2005
Today Exarkun and I added some features to Divmod that I am style="font-style: italic;">really looking forward to actually
using.  They haven't made it to production yet, but I don't write
about our product near often enough, so I think a bit of an
introduction is in order.

The first feature we added was the bookmark manager:


By itself this wouldn't be a particularly interesting screenshot, but I
wanted to stress how it kind of looks like the "bookmark" window in
Mozilla.  After adding the "bookmark to Divmod" button to your
browser, you can bookmark stuff similarly to del.icio.us.

Similarly, your list of bookmarks becomes a feed.  style="font-style: italic;">Unlike del.icio.us, this feed is
private: the "live bookmark" only works when you're logged in, or if
you have explicitly given a client program your password as part of the
URL.  One of the next things I'll be working on is finishing up
our sharing code and integrating it with this, so that you can share
certain portions of your feed with different groups of people.


We hit a website in the browser, click on "bookmark to Divmod", and
voila: it has been bookmarked (note that it's been bookmarked style="font-style: italic;">securely, even...)


The bookmark completes,

We update our RSS feed,

and the new bookmark has appeared.

I like that feature since it means that I can bookmark whatever I want
and store it centrally in the same place I keep my email, but an even
better feature is that Divmod can now turn style="font-style: italic;">any Pool (equivalent of a "folder",
or "label" depending on your point of view) into a private
feed.   Here we can see the test inbox with the "live
bookmark" icon and  all the same subjects showing up over RSS and

My favorite part of this was that it only took about 4 hours to do, and
although it's for a demo I feel like the code is pretty
production-worthy: it's a very simple re-application of our existing