Thanks Everyone

Wednesday June 01, 2005
As predicted, members of my family and various friends were better to me than I deserve on my birthday.

I have yet to figure out exactly which features to fund, but I think that I'm going to be giving out small prizes, probably in $20US increments, for each one. For those of you across the puddle, that's about €0.02 at a time - but it's still enough to buy dinner over here.

Thanks to everyone who sent a donation in, and thanks especially to Kim, who trudged up to Boston and helped contain the hellmouth in my apartment.
(As any ADD sufferer will testify, piles are the enemy. When one's cohabitant has an entire house and 3 whole lifetimes worth of stuff to pile up, the piles can set you up for a crushing and continuous defeat, which is definitely no good for one's mental health, creating a feedback loop where one is discouraged or even afraid to organize things.)
Kim defeated even the piles which we had made an uneasy truce with, the ones which we had actively tried to clean up before and had been resigned to treat as simply a messy storage solution rather than a problem. With the piles trapped and cornered, the floors are walkable and the surfaces usable. Who knew that using a vacuum cleaner could be so much fun?