Thursday July 14, 2005
So I mentioned typing at 140 words per minute in my keyboard post; this is apparently a pretty surprising speed. I am not the fastest typist I know; I do know there are people out there who can do 200+WPM on a good day, with 0 errors.

However, in my case, I'm talking about raw speed, errors and all, and I can't always get 140; if I'm typing at a comfortable pace it's a lot closer to 100. However, I figured I'd hop into gtypist to just provide some documentary evidence that 140(raw) is not such an insane number:

<br/>Raw Speed = 137.12 wpm<br/>Adjusted speed=125.12 wpm<br/>with 1.8% errors<br/>

I still practice typing on a regular basis. Mainly I'm focused on reducing my error rate right now.