Divmod Axiom release 0.2.0 indicates that when I herald something it is <em>heralded</em>

Wednesday October 26, 2005
The dawning of a new age is nigh. It couldn't be nigher.

Today we released an update to the Axiom package.

This new release of Axiom includes two new features, better documentation, and the usual smattering of bugfixes.

The big news is that upgrades will happen automatically in servers which start an Axiom database's root service. No new versions of Axiom objects were included in this release, so you'll have to try it on your own objects, but it means that when new versions come out, there is no operational component to running an upgrade. Simply stop, upgrade code, restart. Even with a novice sysadmin, even major upgrades will trigger only seconds of downtime. (Assuming you've tested your upgraders first - but then, you always write tests, right?)

We also added a method 'oneOf', which allows you to make use of the basic 'IN' SQL statement. Now you don't need to do multiple '==' queries when you want to find a group of related of items at once.

The argument to 'query' now has a much easier to understand interface.

We've pointed our website at the 'trac' wiki, and I've also added quite a bit of content to that area, including a bit about why you'd want to use axiom on the page "Why use Axiom?"