Divmod Epsilon release 0.2.1 heralds a new golden age of computing

Tuesday October 25, 2005
Today, we released an update to the Epsilon package.

As JP's previous release-storm might imply, there is some more good stuff coming. In the immortal words of the Space Harrier, "Get Ready!"

This release of Epsilon includes a new utility, ModalType. A ModalType is a variant of a simple state machine which allows you to provide different implementations of the 'same' method for different 'modes' your instances can be toggled into. ModalType is generally useful for managing the life-cycle of objects which need to queue up requests while they are deactivated, and combined with some simple input/output handling it can be used to implement extremely flexible DFAs.

Also, as a convenience developed during releasing Epsilon itself, a new feature for Version which makes it more convenient for use within distutils scripts; no more running regular expressions over your setup.py every time you do a release, or changing a version number in 6 different places!

We've also started cleaning up and documenting our release procedure a bit.