Not Exactly a Release

Wednesday November 02, 2005
One last thing for tonight.

I have made a few enhancements to HATE since I announced it. I thought that since my previous post featured a screenshot of it, I should make those changes available. It is actually usable now, since I bound C-S-n to 'new window' as it is in gnome-terminal.

You can download the new version here.

By the way - sorry for the RSSSpam, but I am trying to convey a certain feeling here, to invoke a sense of the pace of development at Divmod and my general enthusiasm about the new code we, and I, have been producing over the last few weeks.

Is an adjective forming in your head? Good. No? Okay.

The adjective is furious.

Update: Relax, folks. The implied noun phrase here is pace of development, see above. It's not "at you".