Come One Come All

Thursday December 01, 2005
I have to move all my worldly belongings ... up two floors.

Ying has purchased the apartment (now condominium) unit that we live in (#1203). As part of that package we are getting some renovations done. However, in order to do those renovations, we've got to move out. The management office has provided us with a second unit to live in for the duration (#1603). However, we still have to schlep our stuff up the elevator and back down again.

Here's what's happening. This weekend (mostly on saturday, but depending on who can come and when, maybe sunday too), my friends, whoever they may be, and I, will move lots of boxes and furniture and random crap up 4 stories with the help of a small-furniture-sized elevator. There will be laying of ethernet cable. There will be much rejoicing.

Are you my friend? Because if you are, you will be here, helping me to prevent a triple hernia from moving two thousand pounds of books by myself. The aforementioned sad news has Ying flown out to Dallas this week, and possibly NYC the next; she won't be able to help with the move.

In all seriousness this is more of an excuse to get together (since we have two whole apartments to hold people!) than a huge amount of work. Our stuff is mostly in boxes already, we don't have much furniture, and there are no stairs to negotiate. If a few people show up, we should make short work of it. Considering that there is labor involved though, I do plan to provide food and refreshment of some variety for whoever shows up.

Do you have to get on a train or bus to get here? No problem! I don't think they're keeping track of who is in what apartments too carefully. I bet easily 3 people could stay here over the weekend and the office wouldn't care.