Don't Say I Never Did Nothing For You

Monday December 12, 2005
An astounding variety of people have been bothering me lately about Windows support for Mantissa, which I guess is emblematic of Divmod's recent success with its new infrastructure, so good. Unfortunately I, too, have been forced into the grimy nether-world of win32 lately, so I thought I'd make sure that things actually work properly.

Surprisingly enough, after a bit of tweaking, they do.

As of today's Divmod repository trunk, install command-line SVN, PuTTY, and Python, make sure they're all in your %PATH%, and then click on this:

You should then be able to do this:


Okay, I cheated, but only a little. If you don't comment out ClickChronicle in Divmod.pth, you'll get a slew of harmless tracebacks in addition to the useful output given there.