Your Very Soul

Saturday December 03, 2005
Did you miss my last post?

Were you out of town?

Was the notice too short?

Are you concerned that your absence indicates the fact that you are a fundamentally bad person? That by abandoning your fellow man in his hour of great need, you have thereby fallen out of God's favor, and thereby damned your immortal soul?

Can you feel the fires of Hell itself already lapping at your feet?

Don't worry! It's not too late. You still have two more chances!

Today we moved most of the knickknacks and books, as well as the TV and several small bits of furniture. Tomorrow I'm moving clothing, boxing up the books that were already moved but now located in ungainly stacks in the new place, taking apart and throwing away furniture which cannot be moved whole, and moving my bed.

On Tuesday, when my Internet arrives upstairs, I will be boxing up the router, and moving my desk and Ying's desk. This is happening "after work", which, since I can do pretty much whatever the heck I want at work (and a faster move is certainly better for productivity) is whenever people start showing up to help. I would suggest 4PM.