Move Postponed

Friday April 28, 2006

It looks like we've actually got 2 weekends to move, which means we are going to be spending a good chunk of this weekend procuring furnishings for our new/old apartment. In order to avoid tracking too much dust downstairs, Ying is going to be going through our boxes of crap in the new apartment over the next week before moving them. Most of this weekend is going to be spent furniture shopping, not moving.

Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in helping out! Sorry this has been so poorly planned, but I have merely relayed information as it was made available to me.

To sum up, I'm still moving downstairs, but the date has been changed: I am moving downstairs on Saturday, May 6, starting at 9AM and continuing until around 5PM. Hopefully this additional week of warning will help us share the work among more hands :).