The Engine of Your Internet is Serious Business

Sunday April 22, 2007
This week, some people are saying some nice things about Twisted.
"A big component to that has been our use of Twisted Python. We're pretty reliant on the Twisted framework, and we use it for our base-line management software that we use to run the great majority of production services that we have, our monitoring infrastructure and the next-generation thing that we have coming, which is a suite of programs that will automate the upgrade process for us," Kelley said.
       Python Slithers into Systems,

"Twisted is one of our favorite pieces of technology. We’ve used it in Sleevenotez, and we had a major project last year, that was unfortunately canned for budget reasons after we’d done about 2 months modelling and spec work, that we designed in Twisted. I’ve been using it for years and I really think it’s one of the finest software systems I’ve ever come across."
       Twisted "ready for the big time", isotoma blog