It Was A Bullet

Monday December 31, 2007
Tycho says:
More than anything else, I think it was installing Vista that made me hate PC gaming. The constant, system-level interruptions, the impaired compatibility, and most of all the savage kick to my framerate's exposed groin made me wonder what precisely in the fucking fuck I was doing screwing around with this onyx monolith. I knew I was just going to have to upgrade eventually (no), and I wanted to see if there was anything to this DirectX 10 thing (no), and I wanted to see what the Windows version of Live was like (a warcrime) so I bit the bullet. I shouldn't have. It was a bullet! That should have been my first clue.
Is this Microsoft's secret strategy with Vista?  To make everyone by an Xbox because they're sucking the life out of the PC ecosystem?  It hadn't yet occurred to me that Vista was supposed to be bad.