Back from PyCon

Tuesday March 18, 2008
Summary: PyCon 2008 was a great time.  I didn't go to a single talk, except a few of the keynotes; I spent pretty much my entire time cross-pollinating with other projects and plugging the until-recently-secret Twisted Software Foundation - our nickname for the Twisted project's membership of the Software Freedom Conservancy (TSF/SFC).

I briefly addressed the audience (of over one thousand python users) to kick off the TSF announcement, mostly to introduce Duncan.  However, someone managed to snap a picture of me that I think captured the feeling of awe that we've come so far in such a relatively short time.

I spoke to about 400 people at the conference, and I have a lot to follow up on.  I also have a day job, 阿as those of you that I spoke to about Mantissa rather than Twisted know ;-).

If I talked to you about something at the conference, please don't hesitate to send me email reminding me about it.  Ideally, send me email reminding me in one to three weeks.  I have almost 1000 unread emails right now and while I try to be rigorous about using some unique features of Divmod's mail system to make sure I reply to each one, there is a certain volume of communication which no tool can help me cope with.

My first priority is blogging about interesting aspects of the conference in the next few days, before I've forgotten.