Divmod: Reloaded

Thursday March 27, 2008
Hot on the heels of the Twisted release, Divmod has a new, and hopefully much more comprehensible, sight design and layout.

Check it out over at divmod.org.

I've long been ashamed of the default-Trac look and the opaque information layout on Divmod's site, and I'm really happy to have the way we greet the world be spruced up.

This is mostly the work of the unstoppable Duncan McGreggor; this is just his latest work in improving Divmod's communication with our community and our customers — and it won't be his last.

(As with any new site design, the topic isn't entirely a joke: your browser's probably cached some stuff it wasn't supposed to, so if you've been visiting our site a lot, re-load for the full effect...)