Leaving Livejournal

Thursday March 27, 2008
Since the acquisition, I have been wondering if I'd leave my LiveJournal account behind. While I've been an LJ fan for a long time, Blogger has some features which make it appealing:
  • Nicer looking templates
  • More reserved "toolbar" area
  • More diverse client software
  • Not owned by the mob
  • Far more customization options and "widgets"
  • All my friends are doing it
  • Custom domain names (I've been waiting for 5 years, "glyph".lj.com isn't going anywhere...)
  • "Blog" is a distinct entity from "Account"
  • Blogs which have multiple contributors aren't a special thing
  • Nicer profile support
  • Backlinks
  • AdSense support
  • Server-side drafts
While I plan to do more of my blogging here from now on, I don't plan to completely abandon LJ any time soon because it does have some cute other features:
  • the "friends" page
  • userpics
  • moods
  • GPG public key publishing
I want to say something about their file-hosting feature, but that's always been kind of broken, so I've never used it.