Second Week Project

Friday April 04, 2008
It seems to me that most of my friends are the sort of busy, busy people who always have a half a dozen side-projects which they have the skills but not the resources to complete.

Today, while chatting with such a friend, he mentioned something about a project which, if he had a 2-week vacation, he'd probably be able to get to. After spending a week sleeping, doing nothing, and puttering around, of course, he'd pick up the project in the second week. Of course the likelihood that he would have such a vacation is basically zero, as is the likelihood that the project get done. (Of course, anything can happen, and some things often do.)

I propose a term. This is a second week project — a project that only takes place in the second week of a hypothetical mini-sabbatical. I feel like this could be a useful piece of shorthand for a concept which would otherwise require a few tedious sentences. Am I right in thinking that we all have at least a few of these?