After These Messages, We'll Be Right Back

Monday September 29, 2008
Do you have an account on Blendix?  Did you know that you can find out all kinds of interesting stuff about me on my Blendix page?  Or that, if you sign up, you can get notified on your dashboard when I do something new?

I have no problem with self-promotion, but I tend to do it indirectly, in pursuit of making some point that I hope my audience will find interesting rather than just coming out and saying it.  But this weekend I discovered that not even my own sister knew we'd launched this thing — even though I mentioned it when it launched back in January!  I guess I'm not being clear enough!

So here's clear for you.  TRY BLENDIX! :-).

We have a bunch of new development happening on Blendix now, but it's been useful for a while already.  It's useful if your friends use it, since, like other services, your friends can update their list of feeds, and you'll be notified of new things.  On Blendix, though, if your friends don't have accounts, or are lazy, and don't update their pages, you can create your own version of them with more information that is useful to you.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.