ScribeFire Rocks

Saturday October 18, 2008
I promised I would say so, and so I am.  I might have given it away in the lead, but:

ScribeFire Rocks.

ScribeFire especially rocks now, if you are a Python blogger, because you can do this:

    def proto_init(self, string):
        String received in the 'init' state.
        self._currentBox = AmpBox()
        return self.proto_key(string)

I'm indenting code!  On a blogger-hosted blog!  And the code stays indented!!!

The elaborate process that I used to do that?
  1. alt-tab to emacs
  2. copy
  3. alt-tab to scribefire
  4. paste
And... I'm done!  (Well, okay, not really.  I did have to manually insert the tag to change the font face.  But still!  I didn't have to type    three million times.)

When I'm writing, I don't like to focus on markup.  I want WYSIWYG editing.  I want to drag screenshots off of my desktop and drop them into my text without worrying about how they get uploaded, and I want to see how they cause my text to re-flow.  I want bulleted lists and italics and boldface and I don't want to worry about closing tags.

ScribeFire gives me all of these things when I'm writing, with pretty much no hassle.

Thank you, ScribeFire.  Stay awesome.