An Underserved Market

Thursday October 23, 2008
I play video games.  Also, I'm married.  Ying also plays video games.  More than I do, even.  Where are the games — besides WoW — that we can play together?

I know a couple of other guys who like to play games with their significant others.  I really feel like the gaming generation has grown up at this point, but where are the grown-up games?

My favorite kind of video games are immersive, story-driven games with open worlds and a lot of flexibility.  I am really digging The Witcher: Fewer Bugs Edition right now, but despite its "mature" and "philosophical" themes, it feels like a game written for a "mature" and "philosophical" adolescent male misfit rather than the usual vanilla adolescent male misfit.  That's not really a black mark against this specific title - it in particular seems to pull off the stereotypical fantasy tropes very well.

While the independent gaming scene is a lot better in terms of raw originality, I haven't seen anything I can recall on TIGSource where I thought "That would be great to play with Ying."

This is mostly a rhetorical question (get to making those games, game-makers who are reading this!) but I would also be very happy to be proven wrong.  If you leave a comment with a game we end up enjoying I'll definitely blog about this again.