microblog Wednesday August 10, 2016

Hello lazyweb,

I want to run some “legacy” software (Trac, specifically) on a Swarm cluster. The files that it needs to store are mostly effectively write-once (it’s the attachments database) but may need to be deleted (spammers and purveyors of malware occasionally try to upload things for spamming or C&C) so while mutability is necessary, there’s a very low risk of any write contention.

I can’t use a networked filesystem, or any volume drivers, so no easy-mode solutions. Basically I want to be able to deploy this on any swarm cluster, so no cheating and fiddling with the host.

Is there any software that I can easily run as a daemon that runs in the background, synchronizing the directory of a data volume between N containers where N is the number of hosts in my cluster?

I found this but it strikes me as ... somehow wrong ... to use that as a critical part of my data-center infrastructure. Maybe it would actually be a good start? But in addition to not being really designed for this task, it’s also not open source, which makes me a little nervous. This list, or even this smaller one is huge and bewildering. So I was hoping you could drop me a line if you’ve got an idea what I could use for this.